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Client Testimonials

What Our Clients Are Saying

It is my pleasure to recommend Kinexus (formerly Gubler & Associates) as a most worthy and trusted firm. They have been my choice of CPAs for over 15 years. Shawn Gubler was our business accountant for many years and has become a trusted and loyal friend. When my husband died, Shawn was a key figure in helping me close down the business. I was so impressed with Shawn that I made him the executor of my family trust and will. All the personnel working for and with Shawn have always been so kind and helpful. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for my family and business.

- Lyndy Smart, Smart Enterprises Inc

For the past 10 years, my family and I have benefited greatly by our choice of selecting Kinexus (formerly Gubler & Associates) as our tax and accounting consultants. From the beginning, Shawn has helped us become comfortable and confident with tax issues as it relates to our personal and business concerns. Over the years, we have received calls from Shawn asking us questions and guiding our decisions. Those calls have saved our family thousands of dollars that would have otherwise been lost due to our limited knowledge of tax and accounting matters. Shawn has also been instrumental in helping with our major business decisions, and because of his direction our business has grown significantly. I highly recommend Kinexus for all your tax, payroll and accounting needs.

- Tony Wrigley, Coral Desert Rehabilitation, Inc.

My business has trusted and counted on Kinexus (formerly Gubler & Leavitt) for the last five years. When we first moved to town, Shawn Gubler was referred to us as a trusted colleague, and we happily used his services for the first three quarters of our first business year. Just before the last quarter, we switched our account to a neighbor because they were a nice family. The difference in service and fees was so dramatic that we immediately went crawling back to Kinexus. Luckily, Shawn was nice enough to take us back and has been fabulous to work with.

In the beginning, our little office only needed our basic taxes done, but as we have grown our needs have increased. Kinexus has been there to help us with that growth, offering a wide range of services at reasonable prices...and great advice without the extra fees. There was even a time when our family had a medical emergency that affected us for a couple of months, but Kinexus stepped in and helped make sure our business was still able to function with as few delays as possible. Over the years, I have gotten to know Shawn and his family, along with other members of the Kinexus team on a more personal side. They are all honest and trustworthy, and I have easily recommended them to others in the community. Thanks SO much to Shawn and the rest of the team. We are lucky to have found you guys!

- Dr. Brent Noorda

Sandvik Enterprises, Inc, along with all our associated companies, has put its trust and confidence in Kinexus CPAs & Advisors, formerly Gubler and Associates, for a number of years. Their professional and knowledgeable staff has helped us navigate through some of the most technical and challenging accounting issues that follow our growing business in today’s ever-changing business climate. In addition to monthly financials and tax preparation, Kinexus does our biweekly payroll for some 250 employees. I have also appreciated their comprehensive approach, making sure I am getting every available benefit.

- Aaron Sandvik, Sandvik Enterprises Inc dba Carl’s Jr Restaurants

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